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Poinsettia Festival

We look forward to seeing you again next Christmas Season.

Poinsettia Festival has wrapped up for the 2023 season.  Join us next year starting the third weekend in

November when ​the greenhouse is lit entirely by thousands of Christmas lights and candles.  You have to see it in person to really experience the festival and cozy nature of this event.

This free event has been a destination and kick off for many families as a start to the holiday season!

For the past four years my husband and I have enjoyed the poinsettia festival. I always get my poinsettias from you they are the best. This past Nov. we again celebrated with you. I purchased 2 large and 1 med and today is Valentines Day and my plants are still as beautiful as the day we got them. I just wanted you to know that we really enjoy your poinsettias.

       • Janna Morrison, Watford, Ontario

A favourite tradition. Great atmosphere and beautiful, healthy poinsettias.

        •Deb Sholdice

An amazing Christmas experience!

       • Wayne Charlton

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