$150 plus HST - As an Urn Club member, your home will never be without fresh outdoor flowers or plants. Urn Club members will receive a stunning outdoor seasonal planter to place on their porch or drop into their favourite urn four times a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Your 12-month, four season membership will begin in the season you receive your first outdoor urn planter.  Urn membership cards can be picked up, or mailed on request.  All urn inserts must be picked up in store.  They will not be shipped.  Arrangements may vary from those shown in the photos.  

Urn Club Membership

  • Urn inserts will only be available during specified pick up dates in 2021:

    Spring - March 26 - April 9

    Summer - May 17 - May 31

    Fall - September 1 - 15

    Winter - November 17 - December 1


    An email will be sent or telephone call will be made at your request as a friendly reminder of the pick up dates at the beginning of each season.   


    The Urn Club begins on the day you receive your first urn insert and must be completed within the year (four seasons); no doubling of seasons please.


    One urn insert per season, per program purchased ($150.00 plus HST). Our urn insert is 12″ wide x 10″ tall and fits most standard sized urns. Please measure to be sure our insert will fit your pot.


    Urn arrangements are designer’s choice and will be created with the professional care you expect from Huron Ridge. No pre-orders or specific requests can be accepted for this program.  A variety arrangements will be available on a first come first serve basis.