Planting Strawberries

You can't eat a sweeter strawberry than one that is freshly picked from the garden! Strawberries are relatively easy to grow with just a few simple steps. Before you start planting you need to decide if you want to plant June-bearing strawberries or ever-bearing strawberries. June bearing strawberries do just as the name says -- they bear large quantities of fruit during the month of June and sometimes into early July. They are great for folks who like to bake pies and make jams. Lots of berries all at once! Ever-bearing strawberries start to produce fruit in late June, and will continue to produce smaller quantities of fruit all summer long. These are great for folks who just want to eat them fresh from their garden. We sell both types of plants here at Huron Ridge. Once you've decided which variety you prefer there are a few simple steps.

  1. Work your ground with a tiler. You want to break up any chunks in the soil and make your ground nice and fluffy so the roots can easily take hold.

  2. Add some composted manure, I use sheep manure but any kind will do. Add lots of it -- it adds great nutrients to the soil and also helps with water retention during the summer.

  1. Work the ground one more time with a tiler to spread the manure evenly.

  2. Dig your holes about 20" part -- you can space them closer if you want. If you do your plants will just grow together and you will have a fuller row sooner

  1. Plant your berry plants. You can plant new plants that you've purchased from the greenhouse, or you can plant transplants. If you are using transplants from another patch, make sure you take the new plants that have started along the outside edges. You only want to transplant young berry plants.

  2. Pick off any blossoms you may see -- this goes for the entire first growing season. New berry plants will establish themselves quicker and grow better if you don't allow them to produce any fruit the first season.

  3. Water in well - and continue to water them regularly all summer long!

These simple steps will help make sure you have delicious berries to eat next summer. Here's a little youtube video as well to help with any questions you may have.

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