Hanging Basket Care

Hanging baskets & containers need regular watering and fertilizer. We recommend using a water soluble fertilizer such as Miracle Grow. Slow release fertilizer will help with your baskets but won't be as effective as a water soluble version. If you have petunia or calibrachoa flowers in your container you should really give Jack’s Petunia feed a try. We use it here in the greenhouse in our baskets and it does an incredible job.

You can simply follow the directions on the label and fertilize once a week. You also might want to try what we do here at the greenhouse and use ½ the concentration recommended on the label, but we water with fertilizer every time we water. The nice part about this is you don’t have to try to remember when the last fertilizer application was. To make this easier in your own garden, simply use the same container to water your baskets every time. The first time you will need to figure out the ratio to mix it but after that you are set for the season.

Baskets need to be watered almost daily during the heat of the summer…. Even if it’s rained. It’s almost impossible for your basket to get enough water in it during a rain. Simply check the top of the soil to see if it’s moist to the touch. If it's not your basket needs water. Cocoa baskets like mine require a little extra water as the moisture also escapes through the basket. Plastic baskets retain moisture a little better. I water my baskets with a litre and a half (3 margarine tubs) of water every time I water. If you are using a watering can try to figure out a way so the amount you water can be consistent. As long as your basket has proper drainage overwatering shouldn’t really be a concern if you are watering only once per day.

If you are going away for a few days, give your basket a really good drink of water and set it down on your grass under a shade tree. The combination of shade and the moisture in your lawn will help keep your basket looking good for a couple days while you are away. If you are going to be gone for longer, you really will need to have someone water them for you in your abscence. If they do happen to dry out, give them a good drink and wait 6-10 hours for them to perk up before watering them again.

If you have more questions stop by the greenhouse and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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