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Custom Planting

Want the beauty of custom planted containers, but not the hassle of planting them?  We can hook you up.  Our team of designers can plant to your specifications, or create their own master piece based on how much sun/shade your container will be growing in at your home. 


Simply Stunning

Our custom designs can be as simple or as creative as you wish.  Cost is based on the size of your container plus the plants you prefer us to use. Once your container is planted in early spring we will grow it in our greenhouse until the end of May when you can pick up and be worry free from frost! Please make sure your container is empty before you drop it off, or a dumping fee will be added to your bill. 


Weekender Basket Refills

We love watersaver hanging baskets!  Not only do they grow big beautiful floral displays, they also save on watering, and help save the environment.  Each basket is designed to be used for up to 10 years!    The 16″ hanging basket allows you to leave your plants for the weekend without worrying about wilting. The 1 gallon water reservoir nourishes the plant while you’re away and reduces the need for watering when you’re home. Includes a 3-strand heavy duty wire hanger.  Purchase your basket in our greenhouse the first year, and then bring it back every year for our team to refill for you. 

Ready to drop off your containers?  You can bring them on in and one of our team members will help you, or click here to download and print our form.

Weekender Basket

What Our Clients Say

IMG_4367 3.JPG
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